Just because this has been brought up a lot lately, this is why I’m agnostic, it’s not that factual, it’s based solely off of my own beliefs.

I’m agnostic because I don’t believe in telling anyone “no” to their beliefs and I don’t believe in an absolute right or an absolute wrong. Personally I don’t feel as if we truly have enough evidence to support any religion over another one. 

I believe there is a higher being, someone or something that is controlling us or leading us in the right direction. I believe in destiny and I believe everything happens for reasons which will eventually help us to become more adapted and better human beings to those around us. I think life’s purpose is to help everyone else live a life like you would want to live, with joy, freedom and success. 

Finally I don’t think that whatever being there is out there wants us spending our time on Earth worshiping him/her/it, I believe we should live for each other and not for this being, and I can’t imagine why this being would create us to not be self-sufficient. If we can help each other out it seems like something they would be proud of. You don’t raise a child so that it’s dependent upon you for the rest of it’s life. 

That’s really all I have to say about it, I completely respect anyone else’s views though, which I would think is obvious from what I said at the beginning..I don’t feel as if I’m in a position where I could ever say that one way is right or one way is wrong. 

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